An Open Source Middleware platform with friendly user interface that links connected devices and web services.

Imagine… An ecosystem of Internet connected devices (smart phones, appliances with intelligence, sensors, etc) offering their functionality as services
and then you focus only on adding real value to those services rather than worrying on cost and deploying about the technology.
“An Ecosystem of Horizontal services for the Internet of Things where all players are able to to select devices and deploy real-time services on demand”.

OpenIoT is an implemented OPEN SOURCE horizontal platform to enable interoperability between IoT verticals and Data silos for a unified IoT world.

As part of the EU FP7 programme, in December 2011 the OpenIoT consortium join efforts to unify technology and services designing an OpenIoT application and services ecosystem for the Internet of Things (IoT). On 11 May 2012 OpenIoT developed and deployed the first prototype in the cloud using a public could solution like EC2-Amazon product. Since September the fully OPEN SOURCE framework was release and as winner of the Open Source Rookie of the year 2013, today OpenIoT inspire and led other projects to deliver and launch interoperable/unified IoT data solutions.

OpenIoT middleware was released in may 2013 and available to the Open Source community from september 2013 for
creating real time IoT services on demand and enable interoperability between vertical IoT solutions and interconnect data silos.