2015 Open Internet of Things Summer School

“Collecting Data and Connecting the Sensors to Cloud Systems”

4-8 August 2014, Galway City, Ireland


OpenIoT Summer School is an international event for talented researcher(s) across Europe and other parts of the world and it is not limited to research but open to any industry or SME interested to participate, contribute, develop and acquire the know-how about IoT technology and services based on the OpenIoT middleware.

“OpenIoT middleware is an implemented OPEN SOURCE horizontal platform to enable interoperability between IoT verticals and Data silos for a unified IoT world”.

Covering in depth a range of specialised Internet of Things related topics, from sensor networks, sensing data, stream data processing, methods and protocol implementation to service openness, interoperability, service scheduling, delivery, utility management, and their applications with focus on IoT horizontal solutions in multidisciplinary areas, (e.g. smart city, intelligent manufacturing, car2car communications, M2M, smart appliances, etc.)

Open IoT Summer School – 2014